zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

Blog Reader Attention Span

It is pretty well documented that the typical web reader has a short attention span when it comes to reading content online. My own little investigation into length of stay on blogs found that average blog readers stay 96 seconds per blog (I’ve seen other more scientific tests that show similar results). What ever the number – it’s generally not long. As a result many web-masters purposely keep their content length down to a level that is readable in short grabs.

Emo Date

it is a emo chick. non-conforming as can be
you'd be non-conforming to if you looked just like her
she have paint on her nails and make up on her face
shes almost emo enough to start shaving her legs
'cause she feels real deep when shes dressing in drag
 call it freedom of expression
most just call her a fag
'cause our dudes look like chicks
and our chicks look like dykes
'cause emo is one step below transvestite

hey hallo